2 Ton Tracked Zero Tail Mini Excavator

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4 Hours$200
Weekend * $325
comes with thumb, 16" toothed bucket, 30" smooth bucket
Daily Rates are for 8 hours runtime. Weekend Rates are for 12 hours runtime. Hourly rate charged over limit.

* Weekend = Fri - Mon 8AM

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Wacker EZ17

The EZ17 compact excavator is the most powerful zero tail excavator in its class. The large-volume diesel engine, LUDV (Load Sensing System) and an innovative cooling system provide the highest levels of performance and efficiency.
The compact and durable design guarantees a long service life.
The EZ17 offers the operator an unrestricted field of vision through the roof window.
Extendable tracks and blade
ISO/SAE change over valve


Gradeability58 %
Superstructure turning speed10 1/min
Travel speed3 mph / 4.8 km/h
Break Out Force Bucket18.7 kN
Break Out Force Lift Arm9.1 kN
Length141.1" / 3585 mm
Operating weight (min.-max.)3800 - 4592 lb / 1724 - 2083 kg
Digging depth (max.)97.9" / 2486 mm
Width39" / 990 mm
Height92.9" / 2360 mm
Cylinder capacity71.8 cu in / 1176 cc
Tank capacity5.8 gal US / 22 l
Effective power18.5 hp / 13.8 kW
Nominal Engine speed2,200 1/min
Operating power18 hp / 13.4 kW
Operating Engine speed2,200 1/min
Starter battery Voltage12 V
Battery capacity (nom. value)44 Ah
Engine typeDiesel engine
Engine designation3TNV76
Operating pressure3,480 psi / 240 bar
Flow rate10.3 gal/min /39 l/min
Flow rate max.10.3 gal/min /39 l/min
Tank capacity5.5 gal US / 21 l
Operating pressure slewing gear150 bar
HydraulikpumpVariable displacement pump
Operating pressure3,480 psi / 240 bar
Shipping weight35186 lb / 1596 kg
Height with cab93.0 inches / 2362 mm
Total height with rotating beacon99.9 inches / 2538 mm
Width of upper carriage39.0 inches / 990 mm
Width of cab34.8 inches / 885 mm
Width travel gear51.2 inches / 1300 mm
Width travel gear retracted39.0 inches / 990 mm
Width of dozer blade51.2 inches / 1300 mm
Transport length111.3 inches / 2828 mm
Transport length short shovel arm141.1 inches / 3584 mm
Transport length long shovel arm139.8 inches / 3551 mm
Digging depth max., short shovel arm91.6 inches / 2326 mm
Digging depth max., long shovel arm97.9 inches / 2486 mm
Piercing depth max., short shovel arm67.4 inches / 1713 mm
Piercing depth max., long shovel arm73.3 inches / 1863 mm
Piercing height max., short shovel arm136.3 inches / 3462 mm
Piercing height max., long shovel arm140.8 inches / 3576 mm
Dumping height max., short shovel arm95.9 inches / 2436 mm
Dumping height max., long shovel arm100.4 inches / 2550 mm
Digging radius max., short shovel arm153.5 inches / 3899 mm
Digging radius max., long shovel arm159.4 inches / 4050 mm
Max. reach at ground level (short shovel arm)151.5 inches / 3848 mm
Max. reach at ground level (long shovel arm)157.6 inches / 4002 mm
Tail swing radius26.0 inches / 660 mm
Boom offset max. (to center of bucket right side)21.0 inches / 533 mm
Boom offset max. (to center of bucket left side)16.5 inches / 418 mm
Stacking height max. (dozer blade above surface)10.7 inches / 271 mm
Digging depth max. (dozer blade below surface)15.4 inches / 390 mm
Length travel drive63.3 inches / 1607 mm
Max. swivel angle (arm system to the left)65 °
Max. swivel angle (arm system to the right)57 °
Track width9.1 inches / 230 mm
Boom swing radius center64.1 inches / 1627 mm
Boom swing radius right59.8 inches / 1519 mm
Boom swing radius left54.0 inches / 1372 mm
Distance bucket dozer blade, short shovel arm13.1 inches / 332 mm
Distance bucket dozer blade, long shovel arm10.2 inches / 260 mm