6.5 Ton Tracked Conventional Excavator

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4 Hours$320
Weekend * $520
comes with thumb, 30" toothed bucket, 48" smooth bucket
Daily Rates are for 8 hours runtime. Weekend Rates are for 12 hours runtime. Hourly rate charged over limit.

* Weekend = Fri - Mon 8AM

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Wacker ET65

The ET65 is an excavator that users want. A high-performance machine that surprises with its compact design and maneuverability. The strong excavation performance thanks to high digging forces and the powerful engine are additional plus points that make the excavator an all-rounder on the construction site.
HVAC cab
ISO/SAE change over valve
Hydraulic quick coupler


Superstructure turning speed9 1/min
Travel speed3.2 mph / 5.2 km/h
Break Out Force Bucket11,397.8 lbf / 50.7 kN
Break Out Force Lift Arm6,924.1 lbf / 30.8 kN
Length241.6" / 6,137 mm
Operating weight (min.-max.)13,399.7 - 16,221.6 lb / 6,078 - 7,358 kg
Digging depth (max.)164.7" / 4,184 mm
Width76.8" / 1,950 mm
Height97.6" / 2,478 mm
Cylinder capacity135.2 cu in / 2,216 cc
Effective power56.3 hp / 42 kW
Nominal Engine speed2,000 1/min
Battery capacity (nom. value)100 Ah
Engine typeTurbodieselengine
Exhaust-gas limitEU Stage V
Engine designation404J - E22T
Operating pressure3,480 psi / 240 bar
Flow rate38 gal/mi / 144 l/min
Flow rate max.38 gal/mi / 144 l/min
Tank capacity24.3 gal US / 92 l
Operating pressure slewing gear215 bar
HydraulikpumpVariable displacement and gear pump
Operating pressure3,480 psi / 240 bar
Shipping weight12,800 lb / 5,806 kg
Height with cab97.6 inches / 2478 mm
Height of dozer blade16.7 inches / 423 mm
Total height with rotating beacon104.5 inches / 2654 mm
Width of upper carriage74.9 inches / 1902 mm
Width of cab39.4 inches / 1000 mm
Width travel gear76.8 inches / 1950 mm
Width of dozer blade76.8 inches / 1950 mm
Transport length short shovel arm238.8 inches / 6065 mm
Transport length long shovel arm243.9 inches / 6194 mm
Digging depth max., short shovel arm153.3 inches / 3893 mm
Digging depth max., long shovel arm165.1 inches / 4193 mm
Piercing depth max., short shovel arm108.8 inches / 2764 mm
Piercing depth max., long shovel arm119.5 inches / 3036 mm
Piercing height max., short shovel arm257.4 inches / 6537 mm
Piercing height max., long shovel arm266.5 inches / 6770 mm
Dumping height max., short shovel arm183.6 inches / 4664 mm
Dumping height max., long shovel arm192.8 inches / 4898 mm
Digging radius max., short shovel arm259.4 inches / 6590 mm
Digging radius max., long shovel arm270.7 inches / 6877 mm
Max. reach at ground level (short shovel arm)254.9 inches / 6475 mm
Max. reach at ground level (long shovel arm)266.6 inches / 6772 mm
Tail swing radius53.7 inches / 1363 mm
Tail swing radius with tail weight58.3 inches / 1481 mm
Boom offset max. (to center of bucket right side)30.2 inches / 766 mm
Boom offset max. (to center of bucket left side)19.4 inches / 492 mm
Stacking height max. (dozer blade above surface)15.9 inches / 403 mm
Digging depth max. (dozer blade below surface)16.8 inches / 427 mm
Length travel drive99.1 inches / 2516 mm
Max. swivel angle (arm system to the left)65 °
Max. swivel angle (arm system to the right)57 °
Track width15.7 inches / 400 mm
Boom swing radius center64.1 inches / 3159 mm
Boom swing radius right59.8 inches / 3097 mm
Boom swing radius left54.0 inches / 2732 mm