Light Tower - Wide

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4 Hours$125
Weekend * $195
Pintle Hitch for Towing

* Weekend = Fri - Mon 8AM

Wacker LTW 8

Elliptical light fixtures offer excellent job site illumination that is diffused and more uniform without the harsh spotlight effect of standard light fixtures.
Four-point jack stands for easy leveling, stability on uneven terrain and superior wind stability.


Operating data 
L x W x H  in / mm177 x 75.5 x 74.5 / 4490 x 1920 x 1900
Operating weight  lb / kg2764 / 1254
Illumination coverage at 5 fc (54 lux) ft² / m²12960 / 1204
Lamp type Metal Halide
Mast height  ft / m30 / 9
Sound level (LwA) at 23 ft (7 m) dB(A)67.3
Power  kW8
Frequency  Hz60
Voltage  V120/240
Power factor  cos F 1~1
Engine / Motor 
Generator model Brushless w/capacitor
Generator insulation (class) H
Idle to full load  %10
Voltage control  %6
Engine / Motor manufacturer Kubota
Engine / Motor type Liquid-cooled 3-cylinder
Fuel type Diesel #2 - ULSD
Displacement  in³68.5
Operating performance  hp15.4
at rpm  rpm1,800
Rated performance ISO 3046 IFN
Tank capacity Oil l5.1
Tank capacity Fuel l215.8
Fuel consumption Prime Load l/h2.97
Runtime Prime Load h69.8