Pump, Submersible - 3/4"

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Wacker PSR1 500

These high performance single-phase submersible pumps are ideal for job sites needing fast, dependable, low level water pumping. Pump can start in less than 1/4-inch of water when it is primed through the discharge port. No matter how large or small the job. Wacker Neuson submersible pumps offer the versatility and durability contractors need for light dewatering. Suitable for most 110V outlets, these pumps offer big pump features for small pump investment.


L x W x H  in / mm7.71 x 7.71 x 12.44 / 196 x 196 x 316
Diameter Discharge in / mm0.75 / 19.5
Operating weight  lb / kg26 / 12
Cable length  ft / m`32 / 10
Cable Size  AWG16
Operating height Min. Running Water Level in / mm0.04 / 1
Operating data 
Total head  ft / m39.5 / 12
Discharge capacity  US gpm / l/min45 / 170.4
Solids diameter  in / mm0.236 / 6
Engine / Motor type 60 Hz Single ~
Impeller Type Semi-Vortex Urethane Rubber
Operating voltage  V110
Current Full Load with 110V A6.1
Current Start with 110V A12.5
at rpm  rpm3,255