Roller, Trench

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Wacker RT82

Wacker Neuson's articulated trench rollers feature a dual joystick control box for easy steering. This smart remote control system uses an infared signal with line-of-sight control for added safety. If the operator comes within six feet (one metre) of the roller's front or rear sensing eye with the control box, the unit will stop moving and vibrating. A smart machine for any jobsite.
These trench rollers are ideally suited for the compaction of sub bases for foundations, roads and parking lots; the sheepsfoot drums and vibration speed also offer optimum compaction of cohesive soils.
With 16-channel transmission multiple rollers can be operated on the same job site without interference from one another.


Operating weight1497 kg
Shipping weight (including packaging)1515 kg
Engine typeKohler ~Liquid-Cooled 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine Electric Start
Displacement1028 cm3
Max. Rated Power at Rated Speed*15.5 kW / 20.8 hp @ 2600 rpm
Power Rating SpecificationISO 3046/1-IFN
Operating speed2600 rpm
Fuel consumption4.5 l/h
Tank capacity24 l
Drum diameter520 mm
Drum width820mm / 32 in
Centrifugal force (min/max)34.2 / 68.4 kN (7688 / 15377 lbf)
Static linear force per drum9.6 N/mm
Dynamic linear force per drum45 N/mm
Travel speed min2.5 km/h
Low Speed21.6 m/min
High Speed - forward only41.6 m/min
Compacted area990 m2/h
Gradeability without vibration50%
Gradeability with vibration45%
Turning radius - inside1.6 m
Infrared wireless battery capacity16 h
Battery recharge time120
Max. distance for infrared control20 m