Skid Steer Mini Wacker

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4 Hours$160
Weekend * $260
Daily Rates are for 8 hours runtime. Weekend Rates are for 12 hours runtime. Hourly rate charged over limit.

* Weekend = Fri - Mon 8AM

Wacker Neuson SM100

In addition to its compact design, the SM100 is comfortable for operators with ergonomic joysticks and reference handles, plush padding, and wide spring-suspension platform for added stability. The strong lift capacity and high hinge pin of the SM100 height allows for easy loading into high sided trucks and dumpsters. The heavy duty undercarriage construction and fast travel speeds means you can do more with less.


Mechanical Output
Ground Pressure (standard track)0.2 bar / 2.9 psi
Travel speed8.4 km/h / 5.2 m/H
Mechanical Details
Overall Length without bucket2,141 mm / 84.3"
Overall Length with Bucket2,742 mm / 108"
Overall width without bucket902 mm / 35.5"
Height1,478 mm / 58.2"
Bucket Hinge Pin Height2,176 mm / 85.7"
Bucket roll back at ground25°
Bucket roll back at maximum height92°
Angle of departure25°
Bucket dump height at maximum height1,595 mm / 62.8"
Bucket dump angle at maximum height42°
Operating weight1,497 kg / 3,300.3 lb
Track width230 mm / 9.1"
Ground clearance198 mm / 7.8"
Length of Track on Ground1,093 mm / 43"
Dump reach at maximum height557 mm / 21.9"
Cylinder capacity1,266 cm3 / 77.3 Inch3
Operating power18.4 KW / 24.7 hp
Operating Engine speed2,600 1/min
Engine designation3TNV80 FT
Flow rate49 l/min / 12.9 gal/mi
Auxiliary relief pressure210 bar / 3,045 psi
Operating Fluids
Fuel Tank capacity64 l / 16.9 gal US
Tip Load1,295 kg / 2,855 lb
Rated Operating Capacity at 50% Tip Load647 kg / 1,426.4 lb
Rated Operating Capacity at 35% Tip Load453 kg / 998.7 lb